Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Book Review: Enchanted

"My name is Sunday Woodcutter, and I am doomed to a happy life."

I recently read this book for a book club, and really enjoyed it. The book was a little hard for me to get into at first, but after I got past the first few chapters it was a good, interesting read. 

Enchanted is about a girl named Sunday Woodcutter, the seventh of seven daughters in her family. As you might have guessed, her sisters' names are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. :)

Enchanted  is a fairytale, but not your ordinary fairytale. The author, Alethea Kontis, weaves many of the classic fairy tales in the story (The Frog Prince, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and The Beanstalk), but Enchanted is still its own, unique fairy tale. 

If you are like me and are rather fond of fairy tales and romances, you will like Enchanted. :)  It's a light, easy read without being too juvenile, and Ms. Kontis' writing is descriptive and flows well.

To sort of give you a taste of this book, here is the back cover's summary: (is that what you would call it...?)

"What are you doing?"
Sunday's head snapped up from her journal. She had chosen this spot for its solitude, followed the half-hidden path through the underbrush to the decaying rocks of the abandoned well, sure that she had escaped her family. And yet, the voice that had interrupted her thoughts was not familiar to her. Her eyes took a moment to adjust, slowly focusing on the mottled shadows the afternoon sun cast through dancing leaves. 
"I'm sorry?" She posed the polite query to her unknown visitor in an effort to make him reveal himself, be he real of imagined, dead or alive, fairy or--
"I said, 'What are you doing?'"